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Wish Trip Application

Wish Trip Grant 

A need-based grant for patients who have been affected by cancer or other debilitating diseases and conditions. 


The foundation’s main goal is to help, or assist in helping, grant a child what they need to experience a trip they've always dreamed of!

Caring Child

Items covered by this grant may include funds to assist with:


  • A Wish Trip

  • A special gift of their choosing

A copy of a diagnosis/treatment letter is required, stating the patient’s diagnosis and the current course of treatment.  This must be signed and dated on the doctor’s letterhead. 

Upload File

Terms and Conditions Agreement:

  • I                              agree to use these funds in accordance with the stated purpose of the Cody NesSmith Foundation Treatment Grant.

  • I understand that the Cody NesSmith Foundation is in no way responsible for any influence or consequence that may be associated with the recipient’s treatment or care.

  • I understand that funding is contingent upon merit of this application; no individual will be discriminated against based on race, religion creed, nationality or gender, color, disability, or any characteristic protected by law.

Thank you! We will be in contact shortly! 

Cody NesSmith Foundation

Grant Board

514 NesSmith Rd.

Calcasieu, LA 71433

Kay NesSmith   (318) 481-3365

Tony NesSmith   (337) 353-4525

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